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Whats inside the At Home Facial and Wellness kits?

Ingredient conscious skincare


Ethically wild harvest or sustainably cultivated essential oils  


Yin-Yang tool to support the skin and body


At Home Facial Kits


Skin Facial Kit

2 whole plant organic masks.

1 Laurel starter skincare kit.

A yin and yang reflexology facial roller.



Healing Facial Kit

2 whole plant organic masks.

3-6 essential oils- chosen to support you through the season.

A yin and yang reflexology facial roller.

No product

No product


Yin/Yang Facial Roller

Facial Reflexology was created in Vietnam to allow patients to put health into their own hands. There are many ways to work with facial reflexology, I wanted to incorporate a tool that would support skin health along with all over well being.



  • Increased Energy - roll the YANG-ball over the entire face 

  • Reduce Anxiety and Stress - roll the YIN-ball on the forehead area

  • Sinus Drainage - roll YANG-ball then YIN-ball on the outside of the nose and cheek area 



  • Fine Line Reduction- roll the YANG-ball then follow with rolling the YIN-ball

  • Acne Relief - roll the YIN-ball then YANG-ball over the affected area

  • Blemish Scar Reduction - roll the YANG-ball over the damaged region

  • Rosacea - roll the YIN-ball in the area of inflammation

  • Sun spots - roll the YIN-ball over the affected area


Snow Lotus & Monara Essential oils

These are two essential oil companies that I know and trust.

They are both acupuncturist who have been my teachers and mentors in the usage of essential oils and acupuncture points. 


Snow Lotus Aromatherapy was founded by Peter Holmes, L.Ac., M.H. in response to the need for high quality, unadulterated essential oils for use in therapeutic, clinical, and practical home-care applications. Peter personally sources and selects the oils directly from small producers worldwide who ethically wild harvest or sustainably cultivate the plants and distill the oils in small batches

Tiffany Carole is the owner of Monara. "We search world wide to find the highest and purest quality essential oils for healing purposes."


Laurel Organics Masks and Tavel Kits

Mask and Travel kits are Laurel Whole Plant Organic Skincare.

Laurel Travel kit include a cleanser, elixir, serum, and lip balm.  


Why I love Laurel-"Laurel is a ritualistic range of organic skincare, formulated with impeccably sourced, highly vibrant whole plant ingredients, picked at their peak for unmatched transparency, purity and results."​


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