Rejuven-A is an anti-aging treatment formulated with Retinol, CoQ10, collagen stimulating peptides and Vitamins C and E. Rejuven-A enhances cell growth, improves skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This light, gentle formula contains Retinol, a mild, yet effective form of Vitamin A that is kinder to all skin types than Retin-A which can cause irritation. Safe for even sensitive skin, Rejuven-A hydrates and helps reverse damage caused by sun exposure and the passage of time.

• Anti-aging treatment improves skin elasticity, tone, texture & appearance
• CoQ10 & Collagen Amplifier System help stimulate collagen production
• Lipophilic Vitamin C moisturizes & helps stimulate collagen production
• Retinol enhances cell growth, retexturizes skin & improves photodamaged skin

  • Details


    RETINOL(Vitamin A) Cell growth enhancement, retexturizes, anti-aging

    CoQ10 Improves cellular energy and encourages new cell growth

    BETA GLUCAN Stimulates skin immunity, anti-aging, UV protectant

    VITAMIN C Protects, heals and stimulates collagen production

    ALLANTOIN BIOGENETIC, softens and soothes skin

    LECITHIN Enhances transdermal delivery, anti-irritant