Single Farm Hydrosol Forest Bath

Single Farm Hydrosol Forest Bath


Forest bathing is a science that explores the beneficial effect of being surrounded by

trees in a forest. Research shows forest bathing to be an asset to our nervous system,

immune system, cardiovascular system and overall health. Our Forest Bath blend

recreates this experience in a mist and brings Forest Bathing to you wherever you

are. We’ve made some beautiful updates to the formula this year, most notably the

addition of Coastal Redwood from a biodynamic farm just miles from our Petaluma Barn. All of our Forest

Bath ingredients (apart from Hawaiian Sandalwood) are coming directly from this special farm. The

farmer/artisan distiller uses fallen limbs and other reciprocal harvesting methods to preserve the beautiful

Coastal Redwoods, Firs and Cypress on her property. While this mist can be used on the skin, and will benefit

circulatory pathways, we prefer it as a room spray, pillow mist, or body spray in order to bring more of the

forest into your daily life. In