Botanical sourceVetiveria zizanoides
Plant part: The root
Origin: North Madagascar
Production: Cultivated and certified organic

Extraction method: Steam distillation of the washed, dried roots

Note: Vetiver oil becomes solid at colder temperatures and may not pour properly. It will liquefy when the bottle is warmed up, e.g. with warm water in a saucepan.


Fragrance profile: Deep woody-rooty, earthy, with a mossy-green undertow


Fragrance energy: Rooty, woody


Properties: Calming, grounding, cooling, nurturing


Chinese medicine function: To nourish Blood, Yin and Essence, descend the Yang, clear heat and calm the spirit


Complimentary blending: Siam wood, Rosewood, Atlas cedarwood, Sandalwood, Rose, Jasmine, Patchouli, Clary sage, Mandarin, Sweet orange


For external use only. Properly dilute all essential oils in lotion or vegetable carrier oil before massage or other topical use. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, have any health conditions, or are taking medications, please consult your healthcare provider prior to using essential oils.