Healing Facial Kit

Healing Facial Kit


This kit is a great addition to what you already are using at home for your skin routine but now adding a little extra to creat an at home facial experience. After discussing skin concers I will choose the appropriate mask to add into the kit. Kit includes two custom single use whole plant organic masks, Reflexology Yin/Yang roller and essential oils. The addition of essential oils will really help you sink into a holistic treatment at home. All oils are chosen according to the season and what is going on for people as a collective. This will also give you the essential oils needed if you choose to follow along in a guided meditation. Includes videos and tutorial.

  • Tool care instructions

    Cleans tool before first use. 


    • Soap or/ lemon and water
    • Can be exposed to light alcohols 
    • Do not soak or use harsh chemicals 

    Use a soft cloth or soft brush to clean tool. 

  • Mask Prep

    Pour contents of one jar in a bowl and trickle water in to creat a runny paste. Keep wet with brush or spray bottle. Leave on for 10-30 Minutes.