Yin-Yang Roller

Yin-Yang Roller



  • Increased Energy - roll the YANG-ball over the entire face 
  • Reduce Anxiety and Stress - roll the YIN-ball on the forehead area
  • Sinus Drainage - roll YANG-ball then YIN-ball on the outside of the nose and cheek area 



  • Fine Line Reduction- roll the YANG-ball then follow with rolling the YIN-ball
  • Acne Relief - roll the YIN-ball then YANG-ball over the affected area
  • Blemish Scar Reduction - roll the YANG-ball over the damaged region
  • Rosacea - roll the YIN-ball in the area of inflammation
  • Sun spots - roll the YIN-ball over the affected area



  • Cleaning


    • Soap or/ lemon and water
    • Can be exposed to light alcohols 
    • Do not soak or use harsh chemicals 
  • Composition

    • Stainless steel
    • Natural horn


    Proudly made in Vietnam, the home of the original Dien Chan method.  Created using sustainable materials in a safe and fair work environment.