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I wanted to find a way to still support my clients while we are not able to work hands on.

I  came up with the At Home Facial and Wellness Kits.

This will allow everyone who loves receiving facials to continue their skin health along with diving deeper into self care at home!

My goal as an esthetician is to treat the whole person so I have put together bits and pieces of that for you to use at home. 


I'm hoping that with these kits they can create extra time to focus on you.


All kits include:
A Yin and Yang facial reflexology tool and two custom single use whole plant organic masks. They also include videos to follow along with or just get extra skin health information. The face mirrors the body and that's why I love incorporating facial reflexology into my session and wanted that to be the staple for you to use at home. There are so many possibilities. That plus whole plant organic masks that support the lymphatic system are so supportive, especially in a time like now.

I am here for you!


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"Our inner health reflects our outer beauty, our outer beauty reflects our inner health."

-Erika Marie