Organic Skincare. 

Facial Reflexology.

Aroma Acupoint Therapy. 


Now Featuring Shen Rose Subscription Ritual Boxes! 

Can't get a facial but need some skin help?

I've got you covered!!

The At Home Facial Kits were made just for you.


Not only will they help support your skin health but also your whole well being!


The yin yang reflexology roller is amazing for the skin and helping to reduce body pains!

Yes, body pains.

We have had so much success with pain on the body to migraines to tinnitus!

I want YOU to take control of your wellbeing and your skin's health. 

If you struggle with acne let me know and I can customize your tool to support you with calming your nervous system, detoxing your blood, regulating your hormones, oxygenating your skin, then refreshing your skin and finally flushing the bacteria - all proven to assist in acne reduction. This system is used in facial reflexology.






Shen Rose offers a Monthly Ritual Box that will provide you with organic and ingredient conscious skincare for the face and body to maintain skin health without needing to do anything but receive your beauty supplies for the month. Along with essential oils and other forms of support to assist your own healing and balance at home. The ritual boxes will add to your normal routine. It's fun and exciting. All products are made with ingredient conscious skincare, eco friendly and small batches

What the Healing box can assist with...


Having a hard time emotionally or mentally? Feeling stuck or stagnant right now?

You can be supported with essential oils and meditation.


I have been studying the two together for over 5 years and have personally experienced the shift this combination can create.


It is Fall right now so you may either be experiencing grief, loss or longing .It is a great time to really sit in quiet and look within. Its a time to accept and let go.

Breath, accepting and letting go are the keys to Fall!

With the help of plant medicine and acupuncture points you can start to create the shift on your own in the comfort of your home. I will have videos available each season with a new essential oil combination. All oils will be in a smaller jar so that you can experience them for the season and not start to accumulate a collection you may not use.


Facial and Wellness Kits 

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Inner and Outer Beauty

"Our inner health reflects our outer beauty, our outer beauty reflects our inner health."

-Erika Marie