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Holistic, Ingredient Conscious Skincare
Aroma Acupoint Therapy
Face Reflexology

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Applying Essential Oil

Organic and ingredient consious products.


Small batches.


Eco friendly.


Well thought out for your personal healing and skin health needs.

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Skin & Healing



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I've been using the Shen Rose subscription boxes for awhile now and absolutely love them. They are so well curated. Erika puts so much thought and love into each month's box, making for such a lovely self care ritual. She picks nourishing, high quality products, with the best ingredients, which I feel good about using or putting on my skin. The boxes are always a good reminder to look inward and take a little time for myself. I definitely recommend giving them a try.

Alex O.

I love all things Shen Rose but the skin & healing ritual boxes have been such a treat! Every month feels like a gift from a friend. I love my boxes and trying new products and discovering new things (obsessed with incense cones now!). Everything feels curated just for me. And I love that the boxes don't end there...there's even more to learn and uncover in the online school that goes along with it.

Amanda R.

Inner and Outer Beauty

Our inner health reflects our outer beauty, our outer beauty reflects our inner health.

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