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Clarity- Migraine Relief-Class Only

After helping my aunt, who struggled with migraines her whole life, I knew I needed to create something for everyone to have access to. My aunt was ready to try something new. Even with migraine medication- she still suffered from multiple migraines a week- and over a dozen per month. After 3 x 15 min reflexology sessions per week for two weeks- her migraines for the first time began to lessen. After a month of the sessions- she only had 2 migraines vs the 10+ she would normally have that same month. After a series of sessions for 6 weeks- she now rarely gets them. This course is for those of you who want an easy, implementable way to relieve your migraines in the comfort of your own home, alleviate your dependence on medication and get back to living your life without the constant and nagging threat of the excruciating pain lurking behind your eyes. In this course you will: - Learn the easy 15 minute process that has taken my clients from being dependent on migraine medication to rarely even needing it. - Develop the tools needed to alleviate chronic migraine reoccurrence- stopping them in their tracks before they even start. - Get back to living your life without the need to worry about where you are and what you are doing when the migraine strikes. - Have access to the information for life- easily coming back to it again and again for yourself and loved ones. - Never feel trapped again by the chronic pain you have felt and that has plagued your life for so long. Face Reflexology uses different points and zones on the face to help balance and regulate your systems-nervous system and automated nervous system, your brainwaves, organs and physical body . You can experience reduced anxiety, sleep troubles, lack of motivation, pain in the body- it is very helpful for back, neck, shoulder pain and migraines.

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