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Treatment for body pains and discomfort


Face reflexology $75


Infrared light therapy $45

Face reflexology + Infrared light therapy $100

Unlimited light therapy + 4 face reflexology $300/month

Face reflexology works by using reflexology zones on the face to relieve pain and support any physical weaknesses your body may be experiencing. Treatment helps to reduce pain, calm the nervous system, improve cortisol depletion, reduces inflammation, relaxes muscles and bring blood flow to the area of focus resulting in supporting the bodies natural ability to heal. 

Infrared light therapy treats pain, reduces inflammation and enhances cell regeneration. It can penetrate deep through the layers of the skin, to the muscles and bones. This therapy is safe and natural, which enables it to be offered as an alternative treatment for detoxification, pain relief, reduction of muscle tension, relaxation and improved circulation.

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