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At Home Facial and Wellness Kits

Guided Facial using your yin/yang roller and whole plant organic mask

How to prepare the dried Laurel whole plant organic mask

How to use your yin yang roller and focusing on areas of pain and tension for the neck and back 

Talking about the four essential oils(BERGAMOT, HELICHRYSUM, BLUE TANSY AND ROSE) and acupuncture points that will be used in THE essential oil meditation

Guided essential oil meditation using Bergamot, helichrysum, blue tansy and rose.


*If you are using your own bergamot I recommend diluting it and being cautious of sun exposure for 20 hours post application on skin. can cause photosensitivity.  The bergamot in our kit has been diluted and has had the bergaptene content removed that causes photosensitivity. 

Using a honey mask I guide you through a tapping technique to assist with lymphatic moment. 

Gua Sha tutorial using rose quartz stone

Gua Sha tutorial using bian stone

Sculpt and smooth tutorial using a Gua Sha Spoon. 

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