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Summer Skin and Healing- Love, essential oils and movement!

Summer Topics and Tips

1. Love

2.Ways to support through heartbreak or emotional confusion

3.Get moving

4.Enjoy the sun

Love, heartbreak, emotional confusion? Why do I bring these up right now? According to Traditional Chinese Medicine the Element of Summer is Fire and governs the heart (Presence, Intimacy with self, Intimacy with others) and small intestine (communication, insight, focus, insight). Sometimes when these are out of balance you may experience emotional confusion, poor focus, lack of self expression. In my Summer healing box I shared ways to support yourself during this season with acupoints and essential oils. If you are a Skin and Healing Subscriber I hope you have been able to incorporate this into your routine. Some of the oils that offer great support right now would be rose, helichrysum, May Chang, jasmine, palmarosa.

GET MOVING! Oh my goodness, this is such a powerful way to elevate all that the energy of summer wants you enjoy. I have found music to be super helpful in times where I feel stagnant. Talk about moving and grooving and getting that energy flowing :)

Enjoy the Sun! Oh my, what a blessing to have the heat and energy that the sun provides. I hope you have been able to get out to do so. Of course as an esthetician I recommend wearing a chemical free sunscreen. Sunscreens that use chemical blocks such as oxybenzone actually trap heat in the skin which will cause inflammation- cause for aging and hyperpigmentation. Look for sunscreens with a physical block such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. I absolutely LOVE the Josh Rosebrook sunscreen that I just started carrying-it is available now! Why do I love it? Not only does it feel nice going on the skin and can be used as a day time moisturizer but the ingredients are amazing!!! Organic along with being able to read each ingredient. You can check those ingredients out at my store. I am also loving the Sun Serum and Day Balm by Laure. The Sun Serum offers phyto defense plus repair. It is brightening, provides elemental defense, soothing relief, strengthens the connective tissue, offers additional protection against uv induced oxidation. This is a nice product to apply before and after time spent in the sun. The Day Balm is a waterless and lightweight moisturizer. It offers a layer of antioxidant and lipid protection. Helps protect from daily environmental factors.

Have FUN and if that's feeling hard for you right now get out, dance, move, get some sun, use essential oils.

With love,

Erika Marie

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