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Creating balance in the Spring with Essential oils

You can find balance in Spring with the help of essential oils, acupoints, movement with yoga, breath work, meditation and observation.

Here we will be looking at 5 essential oils and acupoints!

Bergamot on Shenmen

What it's helpful for:

This oil and point is uplifting and grounding. Brings awareness through quieting the mind. Bergamot is used for anxiety and depression by bringing balance to the central nervous system.

Not only is it a nervous system relaxant and regulator but bergamot also supports the digestive system and respiratory system.

Bergamot offers us the capacity to adjust at any given time when our scales tip.

It supports our emotional body- mood swings that causes unnecessary problems for ourselves or others. It helps to opens up prospective, promotes emotional stability and insight and it mildly promotes alertness and optimism. I always use bergamot on shenmen to balance the mind but you can also use it on point CV12 to help move food stagnation.

It is also Anti microbial and helps to treat herpes, shingles and throat, skin, bladder infections, intestinal parasites.

Chakras most benefiting from Bergamot: All- Balances the chakras individually. Expands and circulates chakra energies. Enhances flow of light into the crown, 3rd eye and brightens and lightens the heart.


Congested/ oily skin. Balance skin types that occilate. Eczema and Psoriasis, bacterial infections, dandruff. Healing of wounds, burns, insect bites. Photosensitizing-use in very dilute amounts 2-4% dilution.

Shenmen-Ear point

Balances the left and right hemisphere of the brain. Centers and calms the mind. The first point for every Aroma Acupoint session.

Blue Tansy with Liver-3 and Liver-14

What it's helpful for:

Blue Tansy helps with smoothing out and calming emotional frustration, anger, irritability, agitation, sudden fits fo rage, emotional indulgence, server moodiness and mood swings. It also helps to coat frayed nerves and bring a weighted blanket feeling of comfort and support when one is feeling oversensitivity, anxiety, fearfulness, guilt, low self-esteem, depression with anxiety or agitation. Blue Tansy helps with insomnia, restless sleep, nightmares, allergies and sensitive, aches and pains that get worse with stress, headaches, muscle pains, shooting nerve pains, skin rashes, all symptoms worse with stress.

Blue Tansy is a systemic nervous relaxant, respiratory relaxant, gastrointestinal relaxant, cardiovascular relaxant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic(pain relieving), antiallergic and antihistamine.

Topically for skincare or massage oil 2-4% dilution in carrier oil

Good for all skin irritation and inflammation with redness, swelling, itching, dermatitis; wet or dry eczema; burns, sunburn, acne, erythema,couerose, shingles. Analgesic.

liver-3- Treats so many things such as inflammation, issuses with sleep, emotianal mood problems. Blue tansy is a beautiful fit for this point. It helps to smooth and move liver qi. It is a source point so it helps to remind the organ and meridian how to be in tune and to bring into tune.

Liver 14-Opens up diaphragm, helps to move stuck energy due to frustration, anger, rage. Represents those things in life which we bump up against over and over again that creates rigidity and a blocked diaphragm. Blue tansy on this point helps to open up the diaphragm, great if you take short breaths.

Ylang Ylang and Pericardium- 6

What it's helpful for:

Ylang ylang promotes emotioanl stability, euphoria, optimism and self esteem.

It calms mood swings, frustrations, anger, anxiety, nervous tension, irritability, distraction, restlessness, insomnia, transient joy with much talking and laughing, fearfulness, insecurity, low self-esteem, loss of sexual interest, guilt, emotional coldness, severe palpitations, chest oppression, colicky abdominal pains.

Topically for skincare or massage oil 2-4% dilution in carrier oil

Good for combination, dry and oily skin

Skin protectant-dull, rough or damaged skin

For hair and scalp- restorative and hair growth stimulant.

Precautions: Avoid using on sensitive, inflamed or injured skin including dermatitis. Use with caution during first trimester of pregnancy. Caution with excessive inhalation as it has been know to caue nausea and headaches.

Pericardium-6 The pericardium protects the heart. It is like a barrier around the heart. Usually when one has been through a lot of traumatic events working with softening the pericrdium first would be most effective when trying to work with the heart on an energetic level. Pericardium 6 opens the chest, regulates heart Qi, Clams the Shen (spirit), normalizes the stomach and relieves nausea. Ylang Ylang on this point creates a calming effect to the whole body and helps to regulate Qi.

Spearmint on Conseption Vessel 12

What it's helpful for:

Spearmint helps with emotional disposition, mood swings, irritability, negative feelings, emotional and mental confusion, distraction, lethargy especially in the morning, poor appetite, epigastric fullness and bloating right after eating.

Promotes emotional stability and renewal for:

Emotional confusion with conflict; distraction, mood swings, emotivity

Feeling-sensing disonnection and conflict

All pathogenic (stuck) emotions and distressed feelings in general

CV-12 and the solar plexus energy center: confidence and self-esteem, as well as helping you feel in control of your life. Cv-12 is located near the solar plexus energy center. Spearmint is a radiating oil in the sense that it's energy works outwork and expands. With this, spearmint would work with the solar pexus energy center and is helpful for breaking up congestion in this area. Congestion could look like low self esteem, little to no boundaries and fogged sense of discernment. Spearmint on Cv-12 helps to bring clarity to this energy center. On a physical level Spearmint on Cv-12 is helpful for digestion and bloating.

Green Myrtle on Gallbladder 40

What it's helpful for:

Green Myrtle helps with calming the mind, easing anxiety, promoting restful sleep, bringing clarity and making space for reflection. It is also helpful for asthma, bronchitis, chronic cough.

Green Myrtle has a relaxing and sedative effect. It promotes emotional stability and calms nerves and stress. It provides relief from tension, stress, annoyance, anger, distress and depression, as well as from inflammation, irritation and various allergies.

Topically for skincare or massage oil 2-4% dilution in carrier oil

Good for acne, oily skin, tightening enlarged pores

Gallbladder 40- This point helps to move liver Qi and clears gallbladder heat.

Green Myrtle on Gallbladder 40 helps one to continue in an upward momentum to accomplish goals they have set. It helps give you the endurance to keep going. It is a great combination to turn anger into creativity.

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