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Self Awareness and Care During Spring

First lets take a look at self awarenesss during Spring. What do the elements show us and how can we be aware to work with them in a way that brings optimal living.

The season of Spring works with the element of wood which governs the liver and gallbladder. Below you will find some information to spark an interest looking at the seasons and yourself through the lens of traditional Chinese medicine.

We are the elements, therefore we are the element of Wood.

Let's start with the seedling which has started sprouting downward and upwards. It has started growing roots into the earth to begin absorbing nutrients and the beginning of a foundation. This is the place we are at during the a void slowly nurturing and preparing our mind and body for the growth ahead. We can look at ourselves as the tree sprouting out of the earth right now. A new sense of awakening and energy is arising. This is the place to BE. To start a new. We ultimately are achieving the place of wood in balance. Where our trunk/ body are strong yet flexible. We can move and flow without being easily uprooted and pushed over. We are not only strong but also grounded, rooted and continue to grow, manifest and share what our unique selves has to offer others and the world.

As we grow from the earth or from our Winter space, we now want to feed and nurture our ideas with movement and action. We also look inward to that space that is innately you. From there your creativity grows and your magic can blossom. This can be practiced with meditation and observation. This element offers persepective and growth and uncompromising flexibility like the trees that move with the wind but stay grounded in their foundation.

The Virtues of Wood are:

Creative energy

Upward and forward momentum


Self esteem

Flexibility and patience

The emotion associated with the Liver is anger to creative visionary

Qualities of Liver

Relatively more yin in nature. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the liver is looked at as an acheatype of the General. It carries a vision, plan goal. Through strategy it's objective is how to take action. Gives internal direction and is the leader. Organized, imagines things, holds intent and holds a big vision.

Qualities of Gallbladder

Relatively more yang in nature. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the gallbladder is looked at as the Warrior. It is the vehicle to accomplish livers plans. Is a quick decision maker and can do so on the spot. The reactions and responses are more the mental aspect of "knowing". Action oriented, has determination, creativity, flexibility, drive and growth. Brings new ideas into the manifest via concrete actions.

Now that you know a little bit about Spring through the lease of TCM it is helpful to have some tools to cultivate an optimal, balanced and creative Spring time.

  1. Meditation- daily meditation year round is life changing. Start with 5 min a day and work up to 20 minutes daily. Focus on your breath. When a thought arrises, become aware that you are having a thought then release it and re focus on being in the moment with your breath. What daily meditation does is it helps to strengthen your conscious observer so that you are more able to be aware of the thoughts that may try to weigh you down throughout your day to day. Brings you more and more into the present moment for longer periods of time. It helps you to allow un pleasant events to move through you rather than stay trapped within you.

  2. Essential Oils- Essential oils each have their unique qualities. These qualities can assist us in calming down or waking up, reducing anxiety or assisting in a creative flow. There are so many ways essential oils are helpful for us. I like to use essential oils in a diffuser or on acupoints. Acupoints are different points along our meridians that focus on different parts of our being. Looking at it through Traditional Chinese medicine with acupuncture points you can focus on an imbalance physically, mentally and within the organs. I find that Aroma Acupoint therapy helps to calm the body and mind which then allows for so many more possibilities. I offer assistance with this at along with some essential oils for the spring.

  3. Movement- Any type of movement is good! Dance, walking, running, yoga....etc. Movement helps to get your kundalini flowing and spark up those creative juices. Since the element of wood, when out of balance, is anger then movement also helps with getting any stuck and unbalanced emotions up and out.

I hope you find this to be helpful!



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