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Summer Essential Oils and Acupoints


For essential oil safety you will want to dilute any neat essential oil with jojoba oil or another oil by 25-50%

Six Essential Oils and Pairing Acupoints

Bergamot on

Shenmen( Relaxing, Calming, Balancing)

May Chang on

TW-4(Boost Immunity, Relieve Pain)

Jasmine on

Pericardium 7(Heart Protection, Calming, Trust Point)

Palmarosa on

SI-4 (Small intestine balancing, Clears damp and heat)

Helichrysum on

CV-17(Heart Center, Calming, Balancing heart Chakra)

Rose on

H-7(Heart Balancing, Calming)

You will hold each point for at least 4 deep breaths. Very light pressure, let the oil and point do the work.


About the Essential Oils


Part of the plant used: Unripe rinds of the citrus fruit.

Chakras most benefiting from Bergamot: All- Balances the chakras individually. Expands and circulates chakra energies. Enhances flow of light into the crown, 3rd eye and brightens and lightens the heart.

Uplifting and grounding. Brings awareness through quieting the mind. This oil is used for anxiety and depression. Brings balance to the central nervous system.

May Chang

Part of the plant used: Dried berries

Chakras most benefiting from May Chang:

3rd eye- Allows creativity to flow and an expansion within the mind. You literally feel the expansion in the brain while applying May Chang on the 3rd eye. There is a clarity that becomes present.

Heart- Creates healthy connectivity to yourself and others. Clarifies circulation of the heart center.

Solar Plexus- Helps to clear energies of codependency and unhealthy attachments that become entangled.

There is this playfulness that May Chang provides. It breaks up the controlling behavior that smothers the childlike spirit. The remembrance of letting go and and being present. May Chang clarifies the fields of our lymphatic networks, circulatory networks, emotional and mental networks.This allows to bring a clear and thoughtful connective way to be with ourselves and others. May Chang supports us in having healthypersonal boundaries.


Part of plant used: The flower

Chakras most benefiting from Jasmine:

Root- reminds us that we are safe and strong.

Sacral- Transforms shock and trauma do to sexual violation.

Heart- Allows restoration of trust.

Crown- Allows souls purpose to blossom.

Trust. Trust ourselves and our guidance. Trust others. Restores trust. Helps time to stand still and envelopes us in its bliss. It has a softness to it. Relieves and helps heal shock and trauma. Helpful for post pardon depression.

Good for calming irritated skin, helps to calm down redness and irritation. Rejuvenates the skin. Helpful for pms and cramping. Digestion disorders due to anxiousness.

Uplifts the spirits. Helps the mind. Creates calm.


Part of the plant used: Grass, leaves and sometimes flowers

Chakras most benefiting from Palmarosa:

Root (1st)- Releases fear and allows trust.

Sacral (2nd)- Relieves fear of the unsettled mind. Promotes a natural essence with sexuality and sensuality.

Solar Plexus (3rd)- Connects the body and mind.

Heart (4th)- Balances the heart.

Clears the mind. Calming and uplifting. Used for anxiety, racing mind and stress. Relieves emotional fatigue.

Good for calming red or dry skin. Regulates Digestion.


Part of plant used: fresh flowers and flowering tops

Chakras most benefiting from helichrysum: Sacral, heart and third eye. Helichrysum assist these chakras in 3 ways: Generating alignment with natural order, gifts space and productive acceleration for healthy regeneration and healthy order-Tiffany Carole, lastly- helps us mend all the ways that we have been hurt that then creates a broken feeling or aspect of ourselves.

Helps unresolved trauma within ones being. Great for healing deep rooted scars. Medicine is deep and brilliant in its ability to help support us through massive change.

Great for skin healing as well.


Part of plant used: Flower

Chakras affected by rose: Heart (4th)- Helps to expand and radiate from the heart. Nourishing to the heart and supportive through heartache, jealousy or envy.

Rose is a soothing and calming oil. It helps to surround the heart in a soft comforting way. It is helpful during times of sadness, depression, unhealthy attachment, insecurity. Helps to bring the focus back to you and your own self love. Once you have attained that aspect of self love it will assist in radiating love outward.

Helpful for dry, inflamed, aging skin.


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